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PostPostano: Uto pro 30, 2014 23:39 

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Bog vaš blagoslovi!

Sorry for writing in english, but I do not speak croatian. Please, forgive me that.
I am working on some big project called Christians abroad. The main goal is to provide a printable mass texts in different languages. When you are going abroad, and you don't have opportunity to participate in the Mass in your language, you can print that before you leave and follow the Mass, no matter if it's in Latin, English or Arabic.
I am going to prepare cards for ALL Masses (including Sundays, weekdays, solemnities, feasts and memories).
That's why I need your help. I am looking for Roman Missal and lectionaries in croatian. The format doesn't matter - PDF, scans, pictures of pages - it is more than welcome. If you know how to get it, please let me know.

Here You can check out some of docs I have already done: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5HYYzJaAWEPZl9aLW5WSzZodk0&usp=sharing


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Započni novu temu Odgovori  [ 1 post ] 

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